McNicholas Law Office
McNicholas Law Office

John Neil McNicholas

Over 35 Years Criminal Trial Experience In Federal & State Courts

Federal Indigent Defense Panel
Since 1998

Los Angeles County Bar Panel


On my last case, I had one of the most high profile attorneys in the country. I spent my entire savings. The quality of representation I subsequently received from Mr. McNicholas far exceeded what I received from the famous “criminal expert.”



A CASA (diversion) graduate after her 10-year mandatory minimum case was dismissed: “I owe it all to my amazing lawyer, Mr. McNicholas.”



Terrorism Crimes

Political / Election/ Public Corruption Crimes

Anti-Riot Act, Speech and Association-Related Crimes

Pandemic / COVID-related crimes

Insurrection-Alleged or Implied Crimes

Crimes which target certain religious groups

White Collar Crimes involving health care and medicine

Second Amendment Crimes

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